Press Passes

Everybody wants one, everybody has a blog. We've found that coverage of the con, during the con does little to promote our efforts. We have a finite amount of tickets and we can't give them out to everyone who wishes to shoot some video or chat to a comic creator -- yes, we're mean terrible people because we don't want to let you in for free. For the most part, your blog posts do not help us spread the word about our con. How do we know this? We've polled our customers. Why do other cons let bloggers and podcasters into their cons for free? Perhaps they haven't done their homework to find out what helps for promotion. So please don't feel ill of us, we're glad you love comics enough to write or blog about the art form, but we just can't justify granting all the requests we get; and we get a lot.


Press Releases

For info on the convention, see our story here soon.

East Coast Comicon promoter Cliff Galbraith was the promoter of the Asbury Park Comicon, which was the original big con in NJ.

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